A Brief Overview of SEO

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This post is for anyone interested in the basics of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


We’ve all used search engines to find information on the web. Do a search for just about anything, and you’ll get back thousands of results.

Chances are, you’ll pick one of the top 10. Very few people scroll down.

There’s so much available information that websites constantly compete to be at the top of the search results.

Search Engine Ranking

So, what can a website do to improve it’s ranking in searches?

How can it rise up to the top of the results? One of the most powerful methods is SEO.

Proper optimisation of your website for search engines will lead to higher rankings and page visits.

Some think SEO is about making modification to search engines to make them better, but it’s not.

These modifications which include; well planned structure, site maps and engaging content all serve to make the site more attractive to both web crawlers and visitors.

Good SEO can help ensure that your visitors are engaged by your content and will return to your site.

If you think of SEO as a three layer cake. The layers would be, site organisation and structure, then site optimisation, then analytics, then the finishing touch, or the frosting, would be promotion.


This includes, among other things, social media, blogging and paid ads.

It makes sense that a well organised site leads to a good visitor experience.

The visitor can find what they are looking for and will be more eager to explore.

To understand this, we must first understand how search engines work.

Search engines use web crawlers. Web crawlers are always crawling, ranking and sorting information in data farms for quick retrieval.

So, when you type a question into a search engine, or submit a request, the search engine looks at the relevant results, then ranks them based on the popularity of the website.

Web Design

If the site is well organised and has a site map and a directory, it is easy for the web crawlers to make their way through all the data on the site.

There are many different approaches to SEO. Focusing on site structure and optimising your content are great places to start. A well organised site with a site map and directory will help increase it’s rankings.

Now that we have an idea of what SEO is, how do we know if we’ve done it properly?

Well, you likely will experience increased traffic and new customers!

One way to find this out is through analytics. Another way is to watch as your site moves up in search result rankings.

Analytics are the third layer of the SEO cake. They can help you identify areas of improvement on your site. In addition to optimising site structure and content you can also pay to increase the site’s ranking in search results.

Often, the top five, or so, results may be labelled, Ad. Or, have ad written in a yellow square to the left of the site listing. This means that the site paid money to increase their prominence on the page.

SEO can be both inexpensive and easy. Yet, very effective to improve both the  experience for your website visitor and increasing traffic to your site.

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