About Colin James Web

Colin James has had a long and storied history of working with websites.

The first experience of working on the web came in 1997 when, as Publishing Manager History Today Ltd., Colin made the decision to bring the company online.

One of the most difficult parts of implementing that decision was finding the right company. One with the right price that would fit the modest budget that we had to work with, and yet fit the ambitious goals of our undertaking.

We wanted not only a web presence but also a subscription membership database, as well as an E-commerce Shop.

While there was a lot of trying times throughout this process, the main takeaway is that Colin learned a lot on the job.

A lot of html. The language developers speak – which is often times very acronym based, and plenty of other practical lessons.

By the end of the project, Colin James had guided the company’s website to be one of the leading sites in the field.

In 2007, Colin James moved towards the freelance world where he shifted his focus to on and offline marketing. Through this endeavour, he worked with both websites, as well as print marketing operations with companies ranging from such diverse backgrounds as Loc8tor to The Stage and Building magazines.

In 2011 Colin was offered a role as a consultant for developing websites and marketing material for Ambitious Minds (which was a new business venture that offered services in the education, financial (now F109) and learning development sectors.

​This role led to an exciting time of learning and growing for Colin, as he was forced to step outside of his comfort zone with a number of projects.

​Because of this, he learned new skills and approaches when it comes to selling products, courses and services within the banking sector, as well as educational institutions.

Colin James Web’s Broad spectrum of online sectors

More recently clients vary from the legal profession TECBAR to e-commerce Scoot Lock to the hotel sector The Sir Thomas

While Colin James is based in North London, he is available worldwide thanks to the wonders of Skype, and because of this, he has clients in places as far away as Spain.

Give Colin a call on 07941 38 66 32 , and see what he can do for you.