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In this post I’ve stepped slightly out of the box of the local and small business arena and dipped my toe (with a video interview) into another type of arena, that of the historical re-enactor. If you can transmit the ethusiasm and belief in your product or service as much as Dan Shadrake of Britannia does in the below video then your customers and clients are going to buy in to it as well.

Dan even got me to don a shield and gladius – they are heavy (for a pen pusher). And before I forget, in print Barbarian Warriors (Dan & Susanna Shadrake, Brasseys – 1997).


In this ‘Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses’ section you’ll find tips, trends and advice from leaders in their field.

Covering ideas and actions to take on Social Media Strategy, Facebook Advertising, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Voice Search, Podcasts, Chatbots, Google, SEO – and anything else we think will be useful to you.

Some of the content will have been created for the larger enterprise but can be adapted by local and small businesses as well as solopreneurs.

Remember Show Enthusiasm and Belief in Your Product

An Interview with Dan Shadrake of the Britannia Re-enactment Group

Who Britannia are and what they (enthusiastically) do

`Britannia – the greatest gladiators in the Roman World’.
(Caroline Lawrence, author, The Roman Mysteries).

Britannia are one of the largest and oldest single re-enactment groups in the UK.

They have portrayed life, battle and scenes of numerous periods of history of the British Isles (and elsewhere too).

They have appeared in numerous films and TV productions. Notably Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, Neil Marshall’s Centurion and Morgan Creek’s Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. On TV Channel 4’s Simon Schama’s A History of Britain, Channel 4’s, Gladiator Girl, Life and Death in Rome and various episodes of Time Team as well as Horrible Histories.

Roman Britain Living History

With Britannia history  comes to life. Visit Roman troops and civilians doing what they can to defend Britannia, a small island on the edge of a dying Empire in the opening years of the 5th Century – and the source of the myth of King Arthur. Attend provincial gladiatorial games and see how it was something other than a spectator support. Mingle among Medieval warriors and their families. And see first hand the men and women who fought for King and Empire in the Great War.

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