Marketing your business through Facebook

significantly grow in a predictable, measurable fashion

Facebook advertising is one of the most effective ways to grow your business online.

facebook advertising

Facebook advertising presents the opportunity for your business  to reach your desired audience and sell directly to them.

While the benefits of Facebook advertising are clear, how to use it to effectively drive sales is not.

Just under 50% of Facebook Marketers struggle to see significant results. This is because it is very simple to create your first Facebook ad, or boost a post it can be extremely difficult to make it successful.

We help our clients develop advanced campaigns to grow their business.

For businesses already using Facebook Advertising we  offer our Free Facebook Ads Analysis Audit Consultation (no strings attached) which will reveal what works and what doesn’t and how we can improve the ROI. 

And for businesses new to Facebook Advertising we start off with (on a tiny budget) running a test campaign to discover the lay of the land. Once we have data in showing what works, we then roll out a bigger campaign.

Just some of the things we can do - Integrate, analyse and manage

  • Create, place and optimise your ads
  • Create email campaigns based on your clusters
  • Creat and test Video Ads
  • Automatically classify your buyers
  • Predict and figure out your personas
  • Convert them into custom or lookalike audiences.
  • Gain insights and test paid and organic campaigns 
  • Clean and deduplicate data in real time
  • Visualise, predict, and manage data
  • Real-time data on  product types, channel success, demographics, and leads
  • Which emotions,  keywords, images, formats, and colours the audience responds to best
  • Find  product champions
  • Create strategies to migrate hibernating customers
  • Learn client LTVs, predict what your customers will buy and filter by product
  • Turn your personas into custom or lookalike audiences  to place and target ads 
  • A/B test multiple creatives and formats to determine what’s performing best.
  • E-mails  specific clusters or personas 
  • Integrations, data dedupes, analytics, predictions, ad insights, and social listening
Call us on 07941 38 66 32 and we can have an initial talk about your Facebook goals, and how they can be achieved.
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