customised-E commerce-website

Everything you need for a successful and safe E commerce website

A complete, feature-packed, professional e-commerce website solution tailored to your particular needs: retail, subscriptions, membership, digital downloads or consultations.

Online Shop & Cart Features

Everything you Need to Securely Sell your Products or Services Online

  • Abandoned Carts: remind customers to complete their purchases.
  • Invoices: Create and send invoices that allow your clients to pay you directly on your website.
  • Product Customisation: Create variable products that let your users select from.
  • Free Offers: Turn any product in your store into a free offer.
  • Quantity Discounts: Set bulk discounts for products.
  • Membership: Create multiple memberships types.
  • Featured Videos: Add featured videos to your products
  • Campaign Monitor: Gauge the response rate of your promotional campaigns
  • Digital Downloads: A complete Ecommerce solution for selling digital and other non-physical products.
  • VAT: Include VAT on applicable products.
  • Offline Payments: By Bank transfer or cheque payment.
  • Secure Online Payments: Choose Stripe or PayPal.

Secure Payments and Processing with Stripe

Stripe builds the most powerful and flexible tools for e-commerce. Whether you’re creating a subscription service, an on-demand marketplace, or an online shop. Hundreds of thousands of the world’s most innovative companies are scaling faster and more efficiently by building their businesses on Stripe.

  • All major Credit & Debit Cards
  • 135 Currencies Accepted
  • Low Commission Rate 1.40% & 20p per transaction
  • No set up or monthly fees
  • Ideal for B2C, B2B, C2C ecommerce 

Events Tickets & Calendar

Take full control of your ticket sales

Add as many tickets as you wish to a given event and sell those tickets entirely within your Website. Each ticket has its own price, stock, SKU, and specified time frame for when ticket sales open and close.

  • No third party websites, no extra ticket processing fees.
  • Configure custom attendee registration forms to collect information e.g. food preferences.
  • Purchased tickets are emailed directly to users, allowing them to easily print them out or pull them up on a mobile device for check-in.
  • When the event begins, staff can mark guests as checked in manually or by scanning the QR code on their ticket.

Let your calendar advertise your events

Recurring Events. Easily manage monthly, weekly or custom dates.

Showcase all upcoming events at a given venue along with key details and a map.

Visitors can search for event in or near their city. Map View will even display the distance from the searched location. All map functionality is fully powered by Google Maps. 

Online Booking:Appointments, Rooms and Reservations

As people are getting more and more used to e commerce and online booking, websites that provide an online booking facility are getting more customers and clients.

An ideal e commerce solution for many types of businesses and services: clinic, a salon, a restaurant, a hotel, B&B, or a consultancy.

An inclusive appointment booking system that fits any business type and fulfils all your requirements can be really helpful to get more clients, to manage appointments effectively, and to increase income.

  • Calendar: Month, Week, Day, Hours
  • Reservations: add, approve, reject, cancel or delete a booking request
  • Booking discounts: create unlimited number of different discounts
  • Coupons & vouchers: Create coupon/voucher codes for your clients.
  • Email: email templates for all possible notifications and languages
  • Booking forms: custom booking forms to get what information you want from your clients.
  • Payment systems: display price to clients while they’re booking

And not forgetting

All the below are included free of charge with our E commerce stores for one year

Free 1 year optimised hosting & Domain Name – Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate – Multiple Email Addresses & Daily website back up

Call Colin James Web on 07941 38 66 32 and we can have an initial talk about your goals, and how together we can achieve them for you.