How Small Business Has Advantage Over Larger Companies with Live Video Leverage


– Ryan Steinolfson here. Hope you’re doing well. I am coming to you live from Ubud.

Let me just give you my backdrop here from Ubud, Bali in the rice fields here.

I’m consulting with a client here. There you go, there’s my back drop. Brands leverage live video in order to get their message to the market, and that’s actually what I wanted to talk about just briefly today, because one of the biggest challenges my agency has come up against, for years with small business, with local businesses, is they’re challenged to get their message to the market place.

They don’t have the budget that large brands have, and so, a lot of times, what happens is that they have to bootstrap, and what this means is that they don’t just have the reach, they can’t reach as many people, they haven’t been able to reach many people in the past, they haven’t been able to get their message to the market place, reach the right types of people, and that really has changed with social media, and I just wanted to give you some examples.

Obviously, with the advent of live video, which is what I like to talk a lot about, I like to leverage live video.

 One of the things that I like to use live video for is to do exactly what I was just stating with you, is to help businesses get their message to their market, and that really is what has shifted, is the ability for businesses, large and small, but I would submit to you that the reason why large businesses are not able to leverage live video, at least not from my experience have they been able to leverage live video to the extent that small businesses can, is because they have more red tape, they have more people that they have to get approval from, and I’ve seen this in my agency.

We’ve worked with many large businesses, and we try to get them to do live video, and if it’s the marketing department, they have to get approval from the V.P.

Of marketing, and everything has to be approved that’s set.

And what if there’s … And these are real concerns, I mean, this has been going on for a long time. These are all things that we’ve been talking about for a while which is things like copyright, what if there’s music playing in the background, or you see somebody else that’s in the background, and their face is shown.

Well, we might be held liable as a large company, and so, large companies are very reluctant to start doing live video, and if they do, it’s very controlled.

The reason why that that actually does favor the small businesses is because when, from my experience, I have done video that has been a little bit out there, where I, for example, strapped my phone to my forehead when I went kite-surfing.

Those were the most engaging videos because they were different, and when you have, as a marketing person for a larger company, the challenge of not being able to do things like that, it significantly limits your ability to reach your audience, and to create engaging content.

So, the benefit as a small company is that you can get away with a lot more. You can do more things ’cause you don’t have to go and get approval from upper level management.

You can go live and do different things, like one of the things that we’re gonna do in the next few day here is we’re gonna go on a road trip, and one of the guys that I’m working with here, they really wanna build their brand, and what better place to do it than here in Bali?

And to highlight that by going live from our motorcycles when we’re road tripping around the Island of Bali along the coast, then to create engaging contact like that without having to worry about all the other stuff that’s going on.

Not to say that we’re not gonna consider that. Obviously, we are, but there’s fewer obstacles in the way, and there’s more opportunity from my experience in working with both small businesses and larger businesses that you can’t even really compare.

I mean, there’s such a vast difference because of the two reasons that I just mentioned. Number one again, because of the red tape, because of the approval you have to get. Number two, because of the concern of offending somebody, or copy right issues, or getting somebody on camera that doesn’t want to be on camera, and the liability that might build.

Not to say that you don’t want to consider that, it’s just that it’s much more acceptable for a small company to leverage this type of a medium and not only this live video, but any type of medium, I mean, it’s any of the social media platforms that are out there,

Snapchat, like live video, on instagram or Snapchat, et cetera. So, anyway, just wanted to go live really quick. I am …

Doug, what’s going on? I am going to … I’m using Switcher Studios, for whatever reason, it’s not going live here from Ubud. I think it might be because we’re right at the megabytes per second speed right now from the Wi-Fi here which is just on the border of being acceptable for a live-video stream. So, I think that’s the reason why it’s failing every once in a while, but I’m gonna test it in Ubud, the city here.

I’m gonna take my scooter on down the road here, but Doug, check this out. So, let me know if you have any questions about that. This is my backdrop here, from the studio, or from the villa here that I’m working from. Darci just went back home yesterday, and she’s gonna be arriving in San Diego hopefully sometime in the next five or six hours, but anyway, thanks guys. Go ahead and message me. Go ahead and message me on my Facebook messenger, my chatbot. Go to, that’s and I’d love to … Let me know any questions you have, and I will talk to you guys later. Thanks. .

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