Web Design for New Projects or Upgrades

Our Website design packages come in all different shapes and sizes, the one thing they have in common: they’re custom built to suit your unique needs.

Not only that, but each of our packages comes with free pro-security protecting your website and your visitors.


We understand that for most people, the idea of building a website can be overwhelming.

That’s why Colin James Web’s professional design services is here to take all the stress out of building a website.

With professional web design expertise, we will build you a product you can be proud of.



We take the time to learn about how your company operates, inspect what the business might require from the site, and build one that was created to help your company achieve its goals.


Your Target Audience Your Goals

The type of website you build will depend on the specific target audience your marketing to… as well as the goals you’re hoping to achieve.

When you work with Colin James Web, we will always begin by diving deep into your targets, goals and develop a custom-built website with those benchmarks in mind.

At the end of the day, no two business are the same, so their websites shouldn’t be either.

What worked for a competitor might not be as effective for you, which is why we create strategic plans that are customised to meet your specific needs.

Whether your project is big or small, the process remains the same. We always treat each website with the same amount of care and attention to detail.


Wow Your Audience

Your website will serve as your first impression to each of your potential clients, which means it needs to wow your audience.

Your website should have personality and flare throughout every aspect, telling people (and showing them) why you’re better than the competition.

This can be accomplished with quality designs, a good colour scheme, fonts, layout and attractive images. Colin James Web will work with you, ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed so your website can reach its full potential.

Our Professional Web Design Services Will Make You A Website That Your Potenial Clients

Your New Site Will Feature

Outstanding security
Blazing fast performance ability
Search Engine Optimisation
A sharp looking mobile-responsive design
Easy navigation from A to B

How long is a piece of string?

Much like any other aspect of your business, you are going to have a pretty good idea of how much you can spend when it comes to your website.

We can make wonderful websites to fit any budget, depending on the function and business model you require.


We know. Cotton not string.

Call Colin James Web on: 07941 38 66 32 and we can have an initial talk about your goals, and how our professional web design services can achieve them for you.

Website Development Process

The Brief

I’ll ask the right questions to uncover the truth about why you need a new website and exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. Some of these questions may seem a little uncomfortable. In fact, if it doesn’t get a little awkward, then chances are I haven’t done my job.

The Sitemap

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll build a visual sitemap so we can all get on the same page very quickly about what it is we’re trying to communicate and the best way to structure the information.

The Prototype

Now instead of trying to tell you what I intend to build and hoping you understand my jargon, at this point I’ll build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how my solution will work. With no attention to design at this stage, it ain’t pretty, but it gets us close real quick.

The Design

The fun begins during the design stage because we get to play with the crayons and colouring pencils to bring your interactive prototype to life to match your brand identity.

The Delivery

Finally, we go underground for a couple of weeks and make sure everything is plugged in and tested before deploying your shiny new website to your hosting server so you can show it off to the whole world.

Next Steps

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