Simple Tips for Writing Content

How to ditch jargon, scrap waffle and reveal your message


Rebecca Thomas of Thomas Editing reveals some simple tips for writing content in an interview with Colin James of My North London, and some golden rules on how to write website content that your customers can easily understand and act upon.

With the aim to give the reader valuable, informative and easily understood content that they can easily follow and appreciate before asking them if they’re interested in becoming a client or customer.

Watch the video to find out what the simple tips for writing content are And how you can use them yourself.

Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses

In this ‘Marketing Tips for Local and Small Businesses’ section you’ll find tips, trends and advice from leaders in their field. In this post we’ll be looking at how small and local business can use video as a teaching aid.

Covering ideas and actions to take on Social Media Strategy, Facebook Advertising, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Voice Search, Podcasts, Pinterest, Chatbots, Google, SEO – and anything else we think will be useful to you.

We hope you put the simple tips for writing content for your on and offline publications into practice.

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