Website Security

Why We Prioritise It!

Your website like any valuable property, you want to ensure that it's safe from thieves and intruders


Hack Off

WordPress, the platform we use is built on a solid and secure framework, but this doesn’t make it immune to hackers.

​​No website is.

​​Weak passwords and outdated software are just two of the many factors that lead to a website getting hacked.

​​Because of this, all the websites built by Colin James Web have a number of extra layers of security to protect your site from being hacked.

​We use software from some of the leading companies in the security field. Your website will be built with security as a major priority.

Providing 24/7 Security Monitoring and Protection from Web Security Vulnerabilities

User-level security is absolutely essential for protecting your website. Poor security can open up your entire site, to vulnerabilities that lead to hacks.

​Just some of the security services provided include:

  • Firewalls
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Denial of Service
  • Malware Scanning
  • IP Blocking
  • Database Backups
  • File Change Detection
  • Strong Password Enforcement
  • Two Step Authentication
  • Lock Out Bad Users

Regardless of size or status, no website business is safe unless it includes web security as a top priority

In the past few years, companies and organisations such as Ebay, Ministry of Defence, Yahoo!, British Airways, Dropbox, LinkedIn are just a few of those who have suffered from data breaches and/or hacks.

This does not mean more modest websites are not targeted.

They are, e.g. Brute Force Attack which is a trial-and-error method used to obtain information such as a user password.

In a brute force attack, automated software is used to generate a large number of consecutive guesses as to commonly-used passwords or combinations of letters and numbers.

An attack of this nature is time and resource consuming.

Hence the name ‘brute force attack’; success is usually based on computing power and the number of combinations tried rather than an ingenious algorithm.

Security is a never-ending game

All of the above and more are set in place before making your website live.

Having said that, no website in the world can honestly guarantee they are 100% safe, likewise no internet security company can guarantee their products are 100% foolproof.

Hackers are always looking for new ways to infiltrate and bypass security measures.

If a hacker does manage to penetrate the security, the 24/7 Web Security Vulnerabilities Protection scans will reveal the what and where allowing us to clean the hack up.

Call Colin James Web on 07941 38 66 32 and we can have an initial talk about your goals, and how we can achieve them for you.

Password Strength Checker

Click here to find out the strength of any of your passwords and generate a new and practically unbreakable one.

A few minor changes can make a password more difficult to crack, e.g. ‘security’ as a password would be cracked in a few seconds, whereas ‘$ecur1tY’ would take a computer 1 day to crack it – !$EcUr1TY would taake 4 months.

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