Build a #Hashtag Strategy for Your Business

When it comes to giving your business a little bit of in-house PR boosts, there is no better way to do it than by taking full advantage of social media.

Sure, you may have followers on Twitter, or people liking your Facebook page, but one of the best ways to have your brand branch out and reach new eyes is by taking advantage of a system all social media sites use: Hashtags.

While potential clients may not exactly know to search you out by name, those who need your product or service may go to Facebook or Twitter and search specific hashtags that relate to your product. If you are not taking advantage of hashtags, or using them properly, you may miss out on these potential customers.

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What Exactly is a Hashtag?

Basically, you are placing the # in front of certain words, or phrases which allows those posts to be sorted, and searchable because of the tag.

Hashtags #Work

Ad agencies have recently done polls among the general public that show that nearly 60% of social media users utilize hashtags, with almost 75% of those saying they regularly use them while navigating social media on their cell phone.

40% of the people surveyed said that they use hashtags in their personal posts to communicate their own ideas and feelings, and that they would respond positively to companies doing the same. Over 51% of the polled said they would very likely share hashtags that companies provided incentives for shares.

However, one of the biggest takeaways from the poll was that nearly 70% of the polled favour using their mobile devices to explore hashtags, and find themselves motivated to further explore content when hashtags are used.

Good for Promotion, But Don’t Over-Do It

While coming up with a hashtag for your company or product, make sure to explore what other products or comments are being made under that tag. You may not want your company aligned with what you find. However, general hashtags like #ECommerce #WebDesign or #Tech can be helpful.

While you should definitely use hashtags, you have to make sure to not over-do it with them. Social Media Strategist Mark Mitchell wrote in a post, on Social Media Today a few years ago, the phrase “visual Tommy gun” in reference to posts that are littered with hashtags – so much so that it takes away from your message.

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