Boost Your Home WiFi Update

Improve WiFi in Your Home with a WiFi Extender


I posted an article a while back on Boost Your Home WiFi which helped at least one person get better connectivity. His/her comments prompted me to write an update on a few minor problems you may encounter.

But first, if you are experiencing WiFi problems this could be down to the age and specifications of your router. The newest Wi-Fi standard are 802.11n, and 802.11ac, if your router ends with a “b” or “g” router then you’d be best replacing it with a newer wireless “n” or “ac” device that offers longer ranges and faster connection speeds.

If your with Virgin, Sky etc give them a call and complain about the speed or lack of it, threaten to leave, remind them you’ve been a customer for x years etc. In my experience they tend not to be pro-active and give you a call and say ‘hey we noticed your still running something that’s years old’ – they need prompting.

Hurrah you prompted/threatened and you’ve got your shiny new latest model router. But, your still having a flaky WiFi experience – this could be down to your computers, mobiles or tablets also not using the same Wi-Fi standard.

An old laptop is highly unlikely to be “ac” or “n” Wi-Fi. Check the specs to see which wireless standard it is using.

Rather than buy a new laptop or desktop you can buy a wireless adapter – from as little as £25 – that plugs into a USB port.

The Dell PC I’m using now is connected with one, a TP LINK AC 600 Archer T2 UH – the main reason for choosing it was my WiFi happiness with their extenders.

So you are happy: new router, wireless adapter and WiFi Extender on board and working perfectly well until one or more device/s loses internet connectivity – this could be due to one of the gadgets failing.
First, check your router and if all the usual lights are on move on (if they’re not a quick solution is to unplug and plug back in a minute later, generally works if it doesn’t give your supplier a call), next do the same to the wireless adapter if using one.

If this hasn’t worked it’s likely to be the extender – if all the lights that normally flash aren’t on then 1. Plug the extender into a power outlet near the router and switch it on. Wait for the extender lights to start flashing. 2. Push the WPS button on the router and then the extender. Once all lights are on relocate it. If you’re still experiencing problems set your system up as from new – only takes a few minutes.

If all the above fails then call your provider to check your incoming signal. When this has happened to my household the cause is usually down to the local exchange, and for some reason, they always say ‘it’ll be down for four hours’.


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