Free Daily Website Security Monitoring

Gravityscan can improve conversion rates and visitor confidence in your website

Gravityscan is a project by Wordfence that provides free-of-charge malware and vulnerability scanning to all websites. The new badge programme provides free daily security monitoring for any website. All you need to do is to copy the code they provide and display the badge on your website.

Gravityscan Badge

How it works

The Gravityscan trust badge checks your website daily against over 20 blacklists and ensures that your content does not contain links to malicious sites. The programme also includes a comprehensive daily scan for malware.

The Gravityscan trust badge also helps improve conversion rates and visitor confidence in your website.

Blacklist Monitoring

The free monitoring included with the Gravityscan badge checks 20 blacklists. These checks happen daily, and if it finds a problem, it will start serving a transparent badge, which quietly removes the badge from your website and ensures your content flow remains the same.

Gravityscan then send you an alert email letting you know there is a problem. Gravityscan will continue monitoring your website, and once the problem is fixed, your badge automatically reappears. This gives you a reliable trust badge with daily monitoring that you can react to without disrupting your users’ experience.

Content Monitoring

Gravityscan’s badge programme can work on any platform, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and many others. If you have additional software running alongside WordPress, Gravityscan will scan that too.

Gravityscan also checks your external website links against blacklists. If a link is found that has appeared on a blacklist, they’ll quickly let you know about it so that you can remove the link.

By making sure that your external links are not on any blacklists, the Gravityscan badge programme makes sure that your site visitors avoid visiting any sites that may harm their computer. It also helps you avoid any Google penalties by ensuring all your external links have a good reputation.

Malware Scanning

Gravityscan’s malware scan works with any website and does not require that you run WordPress. You can choose between Gravityscan’s standard remote scan, or you can install the Gravityscan Accelerator which provides a faster and deeper scan that includes source-code scanning. The only requirement to use Accelerator is that your site must support PHP. Otherwise, it will run on any website and will give you deep daily scheduled malware scans.

Earn Your Website Visitors’ Trust

As you can see, the Gravityscan badge provides several additional benefits to help secure your website and protect your search engine rankings. One of the most important benefits is that it makes it clear to your website visitors that you take security seriously.

Peace of Mind for Any Website

The Wordfence team recommends that if you run a website, you participate in the free Gravityscan trust badge programme to help secure your site, protect your investment and let your visitors know you take security seriously.

Setting up the badge on your site is easy, fast, and best of all, completely free.

Trust badges improve conversion rates on your site by letting your users know that you are proactive in securing your website and keeping their data secure. This goes a long way toward earning your visitors’ trust and loyalty and can provide you with an instant boost in revenue, especially if you run an e-commerce website.

To learn more about this exciting and completely free security programme, you can find the full details on the Gravityscan blog.

Sign up for your Gravityscan trust badge here.